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What we share on this site and what you will find on this site. Our privacy policy will help you understand our site. If you use our site you will need to follow our privacy policy. If anyone does not follow the Privacy Policy, we have every right to block it from this site.

What information we share on this website:

1. You will find very useful articles on communication scales and lifestyle on this site.
2. On this site we share information related to blogging . How to do blogging, which platform is best for blogging. That is, you will find complete information of blogging on our site.
3. Full information on how to make money online is available on this site. If you have any questions about it, you can comment at the bottom of any post on our site.
4. In addition, you will find useful information on education,Health, technology and the Internet on our site.

How to use Urdu Help:

1. You may not make any inaccurate comments on
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3. You may not mistreat us or any of our site visitors.
4. If you have a complaint against us or our website, send us a direct message.

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Advertising Terms:

This site uses the Google AdSense program. Which is our source of income. This means we share free information on this site and earn income in exchange for advertising. You are not pressured to click on the ad. You click on the ad of your choice. AdSense terms apply.

What we can do if we break the Privacy Policy:

Our website is a service of Google. And you can only comment on it with your Gmail ID. If you break the privacy of our website, we can also report to you from Google. Doing so may block your Gmail ID.

• We can delete your comments.
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Children's privacy:

No child under the age of 13 is allowed to use our site, as we also share information related to online earning on this site.

Privacy policy changes:

Yes, we can change our policy at any time.

Terms and Conditions:

We hope you'll follow our privacy policy when using our site.

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We reserve the right to block or delete your comments. We hope you will never violate our website's privacy policy.

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