When to apply for Google AdSense after creating a blog | 10+ Tips to Follow before Apply. 2020

It is important for a new blogger to know when to link to AdSense after creating a blog. And when is the right time to apply for AdSense? This is what we will talk about in this post today. This lets you know when a blog should connect to Adsense or any other advertising site. And when can you make money after creating a new blog? This requires a minimum number of visitors and pages.

How to create a blog?

Blogging is the most popular 2 platform. One is BlogSpot and the other is WordPress.WordPress is Paid and Blogspot is free. I will suggest New Blogger for Blogspot because it is absolutely free and easy to manage. And being made by Google makes it seo friendly.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is an advertising site. Made by Google. AdSense pays for clicks on Ads. You need code enabled to view it to make money from AdSense. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Wherever you insert the AdSense code in the blog, there will be Ads shows. And when someone clicks on these ads, you will have income.

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When to apply for AdSense after creating a blog

When AdSense reviews your site, it checks out the information below on your site. Here I am telling you some things about it. Following which will not block or close your AdSense account. And you will get approval soon.

1. Blog design

Get your site well designed before you apply for AdSense. So that your site looks beautiful. Don't overuse widgets on your site. Add only what is necessary. Properly navigate the entire page. Your site is simple and beautiful to look at. So visitors will like it too, and most importantly AdSense will be very easy to review your simple designed site. And your site will be approved in less time.

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2. Copyright Content

The information provided in the posts you have shared on the blog should be written by you. And that information shouldn't be copied from any other site or blog. If AdSense finds any copyright on your blog, the AdSense account will not be Approved.


The information that is shared in a post on your blog is called blog content. AdSense only add ads to your blog content. You must have at least 500-1000 words per content on your blog before creating an AdSense account. And you must have at least 30 posts on your blog.

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4. Create page

Before creating an AdSense account, create a About us,Contact us,Privacy policy and Disclaimer pages on your blog. Both Google search engine and AdSense like this page.

5. Check blog traffic

Having organic traffic to the site is very important for getting AdSense approval. Meaning when at least 500 daily page views on your blog started coming from Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine. And Alexa rank below 10,00,000. Only then can you apply for Google AdSense. If you apply for less page views. So the AdSense account may be approved. But with less traffic to your blog, your AdSense account will also be disapproved. Therefore, apply at least daily 500 page views.

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6. How old the website

AdSense policy requires that your site be at least 6 months old. But if you don't, your AdSense account will be approved in 5 to 6 days. But for that, your website must be fully prepared before you can apply for AdSense. Until your website is fully ready.

7. Sitemap

Create an xml sitemap of your blog and submit it to Google, Bing,Yahoo, Yandex search engines. Because the sitemap is the link to all the posts and pages of your blog. This helps AdSense to know all the information about your blog. So make a sitemap of your blog and submit it to all search engines.

8. Google Webmaster / Analytics

Before applying for an AdSense account, submit your blog to Google Webmaster Tools. So that all your posts and pages can be crawled. And make your blog seo friendly. Create an account in Google Analytics. Add Anna Lee Sis code to your blog. So Google can easily find out how much traffic is coming to your site. This will allow your AdSense account to be approved quickly.

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9. Author Talent

Adsense reviews your blog when you apply for AdSense. That is, it checks all the data of your blog. Adsense also checks your talent, ie how to write a post. And even if Adsense doesn't like the talent of your post, your Adsense account won't be Approved.

10. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate means how long your visitors stay on your blog and how much interest they have in the information provided on your blog. Adsense also checks it. To reduce the bounce rate, use a comment on your blog and use at least 1000 words per post. Which allows visitors to stay longer on your blog.

11. Remove Other Companies Ads

Before applying to Google Adsense for your blog. If you have posted on another company's Ads blog. So remove it.

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Hopefully by now you have found out when to create an Adsense account after creating a blog. So now you don't have to ask anyone again and again. Nor will Adsense face the problem of not being approved.

You can easily create an Adsense account by following the instructions in this post. And if you have any questions about it, you can comment below. Also, if you have found good information in this post, don't forget to share this post.


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