What is Bounce Rate? | 10+ Tips to reduce your Website/Blog Bounce Rate. 2020

It is very important to have a low bounce rate on any website. Otherwise the site cannot be successful from the user traffic by opening a page. If your site has good organic traffic and lots of email sign ups but you still don't get better performance then your bounce rate may be very high. Today I am telling you 10+ tips that you can easily reduce the bounce rate on your blog by following.

The most important thing is that boosting the conversion rate reduces the bounce. Before you know how to decrease a bounce rate, you need to know what the bounce rate is and only then will you be able to follow the decreasing step.

When you want to get more search engine traffic to your site, you should also focus on the bounce rate. Why Mostly Search Engine Users That Bounce Rate is High. Which can be dangerous to your site and even make you cry.

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What is the bounce rate?

Bounce rate is a percentage of single page season. How long does a visitor stay on your site when they come to your site? And how many pages it opens. The bounce rate is a percentage of the average. If the bounce rate of your website is very high then it means that the visitors are not very interested in your site. Or we may say that visitors do not like your site.

If your site is new and the number of posts on your blog is low then it is not a big deal for the bounce rate to be high because the posts on the new site are low. So the bounce rate is also high. But if your site is old and has a lot of posts. And yet there can be a lot of reason for the bounce rate to be high.

* How to find the bounce rate of your blog?

Google Analytics is one such free service of Google. With the help of which we can easily find out the bounce rate of your site. With the help of Google Analytics we can know the bounce rate as well as how many visitors came to our site, how many page views came, and from which country those visitors came and which page views. You can also check the bounce rate of your site from Alexa website if you wish. Here you are shown the ranking report of the last 3 months. Hopefully now you can easily find out the bounce rate of your site.

* What should be the best Bounce rate for a blog?

The bounce rate of the blog is 26- 40% excellent. In which comes the list of Success websites. Then if 41-70% is the average but if the bounce rate of the site is more than 70% then it comes in the list of Higher then Average.

* Does low bounce rate cause the earning of the blog to crash?

Yes, if the bounce rate is low then visitor engagement on your blog is in crisis. Which also increases the revenue of your blog.

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Why does the bounce rate get higher?

1. Website design

Your site may not be well designed. There is also a reason for high bounce rate. Because when a visitor comes to your site. So they look at the design of your website before reading anything. If they don't like the design of your site, they move on.

2. Website loading time

Visitors never like slow loading websites. When a visitor opens any post on your site to read. And it will take more time for the post to be open. So no visitor will wait long.

3. Low quality content

Low quality content means that your visitors do not get the information they need. The rays of which they say and go away. And the bounce rate of your site also gets cracked.

4. Single page site

This means that you do not add a link to another post in one of your posts. Which is why visitors to your site read and quote only this post.

5. Share incorrect information

Sharing false information on your site is also a great way to increase bounce rate. If you copy and paste someone else's content on your site, your bounce rate must be increased.

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How to reduce bounce rate

There are many ways to reduce the bounce rate of a blog. If your website bounce rate is high then you should follow the tips below.

1.Blog design

If the design of the blog is not good then visitors will not like your site at all. A good blog design attracts visitors. If the blog design is not good then visitors will not spend much time on your blog. And it increases the bounce rate of the blog. So first of all you should design your blog well. And make the color, text, font of the blog user friendly

2. Don't use over Widgets

I have seen on many sites that the same widget is added in 3/4 place. If you do this, visitors will have trouble finding the right post, and they will leave your site. So always keep as many widgets as you need. And remove the rest of the Vedjit and do not use the same widget again and again.

3.Reduce blog loading time

If the loading speed of the blog is not good then the bounce rate will always be high. So make the blog fast loading. And if your site has more images and the size of these images is more then the loading time of the blog increases. Use the image in the blog but never use extra photos. And always keep the size of the image small so that your blog is fast loading.

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4.Select attractive post title

Keep the title of the post correct and keep it in such a way that it can be understood by reading what is in the post. If they don't know what's in the post, they won't even open the post. So you should always keep the title of the post correct. And always choose an attractive, attractive, title.

5.Add other post links

If you don't add a link to another post on your new post, more visitors won't go to another post. So whenever you write a new post, always add a link to your old post in it. This will increase the page view of your blog and visitors will also spend a lot of time on your site.

6.Improve post readability

This means that when you write a post, you should write your post in short paragraphs so that the visitor can easily read it. And understand the information of this post. Also use bold italic format on the post.

7.Write Long Length Articles

Huge always publishes quality posts on the blog. And let the low quality post be rewarded. That is, whenever you write a post on a topic, you should give full information so that the visitors can get full information. And if you share all the information on the post, then the length of the post will be good automatically.

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8.Don't use too many categories and labels

Always keep the category in the blog the same topic as your blog. If you just put in its articles, whatever information visitors want will be easily found. But if you use useless labels and categories, visitors will have trouble finding the information they want and it will be yours. Will leave the site.

9.Don't use more ads

If you put too many ads in the blog, it discrete the readers. So you put limited ads on your blog.

10.Check your sites Broken Links

To reduce the bounce rate, it is very important to check the 404 error page like the broken links. The visitor will run away. Due to which the bounce rate of the site increases. So check the broken links of your post on Google search console and fix it.

11.Commenting system

When you write a post on a blog, visitors should like your post or if they have any questions, you should add a commenting system on your blog to ask them questions. Visitors will be engaged on your blog for a long time.

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So friends, now you must have understood what is bounce rate and how to reduce bounce rate, you should do whatever you can to keep the visitors on your site for as long as possible and your site bounce rate.

Here are some basic tips to reduce the bounce rate of your site / blog, share our post. Also, if you have a good idea to reduce the bounce rate, please let us know in the comments section. Thank you.


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