What is a domain name? | 5 Tips to select a best Domain name. 2020

What is a domain name? How to select it and buy the domain from where asked. This is a common question of New Bloggers who is also the most important.

Hello Friends my Name is Wahid Ullah and Welcome to Greeblogs.com.Every new blogger needs a domain name for their blog site after creating a blog.With the help of domain name we can easily search any website. It is like a brand. And this is the URL of your webpage.

For example, my site name is Gree Blogs, And The registered fomain is .com Mean greeblogs.com is the domain name of my website.

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What is a domain name?

When you create a blog on Blogger. So the name of your blog will be something like this. yourblog.blogspot.com has a very lenthy URL.
So the visitor will have a problem remembering the name of your blog site. And AdSense approval also seems to be quite high.

How to get the best domain name for your blog

If you remove this blogspot and keep only yourblog.com domain, it will be easier for the visitor to remember. Visitors can easily come to your site. In this post I will tell you what a domain name is and where to buy a domain name.

Best domain extensions

Domain names are of many types.
Such as popular domain names example .com, .net, .org, .info, .online, .gov, .global, .tv, .pk, .in, .biz, .uk, .co etc.

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So friends, do you understand what a domain name is? So now we know how to select a domain name.

You need to select a great domain name for your blog. Because it will be like your brand. So you can't change it again and again. You have to think first and keep your domain name.
With a top domain name you will get high rank from Google search engine. And your site will also start coming up in search soon. And your blog traffic will also increase.

How to select a domain name?

Below I will tell you in a few points how to select a good domain name. Im sure that after reading this post you will find it very easy to select a good domain name.

1. Make easy to type

To search for a better domain, you must first enter your domain name. Which people could easily type. This means that you select a domain name that the visitor has no problem typing.

2. Keep at short

Before selecting a domain name, always remember that you should not select a name that is too long. Try to keep it short for your site.
Because if you have more lenthy domain names, the visitor will have trouble remembering the name. Always keep your domain name short. Don't keep your domain name longer than 3 words or 15 characters.

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3. Numbers and Hyphens

In the domain of the blog site, you can stand by the number and Hyphens if you want. But it would be better if you do not use them in your domain .Because if you use numbers and hyphens then visitors will have a problem in remembering and typing the name of your site. So never let your numbers and hyphens stand still.

4. A memorable Name

When selecting a domain name, keep in mind that the name you are selecting has a memorable meaning. Because it is very important, if it is difficult to remember the name of your blog, then visitors will not be able to come to your blog. Therefore, you should keep the domain name of your site in a way that everyone can easily remember. And don't forget to copy the name of another popular site. Just select a name that doesn't belong to anyone else. And be the most unique.

5. Keywords standby

Keyword standby means you have a domain name that describes your blog site. Suppose your blog site is on the topic of Jokes, Funny SMS, then try to select jockes.com,funnysms.com or .org,.net etc.

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Where did you buy the domain name?

There are many domain registration sites to buy a domain such as Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost etc. You can register a domain for your blog from any of these sites. I have bought my domain for this site from Godaddy. On Godaddy site you will get .com domain for first year at 0.99$.
You can also buy a domain from Namecheap. Because it is also a very popular domain registration site.

Domain always. Which,.com,.net,.org.xyz etc Select only those that are very popular. Also, never select the domain of any other site.

Lastly, if you do not find the domain name of your choice, you can get help from the Domain Generator site. Which will help you to find the perfect domain name for you.

On the Domain Name Generator, you need to add the keyword or keyword you thought of for your blog. And Domain Generator will show you the available domain names of your related keywords that you can select a perfect domain name for your blog.

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Final Friends Now you must have understood what a domain name is.And how to choosr a perfect Domain name for blog However, if you have any questions related to this post, please tell me in the comment box below.

Also, if you find this information good and helpful, share it with your friends.thanks

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