What is keyword Which Keyword is Best Short or Long tail to rank fast. 2020

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If you are a blogger, you will probably hear about keywords. Keywords are very important, how to search keywords, how to use keywords, etc. There are many such topics related to keyword and all of them are solved. What is keyword?

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If you are new to blogging then you may not know about keyword. You don't know what a keyword is and how we use it in our blogs and websites. So this article will be helpful for you because in this article we will know what is a keyword and how to choose the best keyword, as well as how many types of keywords there are.

What is a Keyword?

Keyword tells search engines what your blog and website are all about. Search engines look at the number of times a particular word, called keyword, has been used in an article to calculate it.

For example, if you write Make Money in your blog article two or three times, search engines will know that your article is on topic of Make Money. And when a visitor searches for Make Money or any related word on Google, it will show up on the post top search page. If not, it feeds the keyword STUFFING.

To better understand this, read here how to write a post that appeals to both users and search engines, as well as your word density and how often you have to use your keyword.

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How many types of keywords are there?

You must have understood that the keyword in blogging means the word on which we are writing the post and we want that if someone searches for it then our post will come in search.

Just one keyword is not enough to write a post, you have to have a good keyword. You can use Google Keywords Planner Tools to search for keywords which is absolutely free, you can also use Google search. You can guess from the automatic suggestions that come in, how people search.

There are 2 types of keywords

Short Keyword:

When we select a keyword to write a post, our main target in it, which we have to rank, if it is a topic, then it will be our keyword.

The problem with Short's keyword is that there is a lot of competition, and if it is already well placed on the website, your post will not be able to rank. But if you also rank the short keyword,you can get good traffic.

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Long Tail Keyword:

If there is a topic with which some extra word is added then it is a long tail Keyword. Understand by example:

"How to make money" = short keyword

"How To Make Money From internet or Facebook"= Long Tail Keyword

Now you will be clear, what is short keyword and long tail keyword, and you will have understood what is the benefit of using long tail keyword, there will be less competition, because it is not necessary to have all these sites. Has used the same long tail word.

After selecting a best keyword, it is also important to use the keyword correctly, only then you will get the right result. Here are some tips to help you get started read this post to under stand.

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In order to make a post popular, you have to take full care of SEO, as soon as the traffic to your blog comes.

I hope you now have a clear idea of ​​what a keyword is and what it is used for. If you still have a question, you can comment and ask.if you like our blog greeblogs.com must share with your friend.Thank you.


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