5 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic from Social Sites | What is Social Media Marketing and How to do? 2020

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Considering that almost everyone uses social media these days, the importance of SMM has increased tremendously. In this post, I will tell you what (SMM) social media marketing is and how to do it and social sites. How to increase traffic from SMM.

What is social media marketing?

SMM is a short form of social media marketing. If you are a blogger or you have an online business, SMM is very important for you. It allows you to use social media to increase your blog / website traffic or sell your product.

SMM is also free and also paid, in free you promote your product or blog in a Facebook group or your Facebook page and in paid you can advertise your brand by paying Facebook, social media But thousands and even millions of people are active all the time, in this day and age, almost every person spends some time on social media.

If you promote your blog on social media, it can get you a lot of traffic, so social media is the best platform to promote your products. In simple terms of social media marketing, if I define it, promoting your business or website on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. is called social media marketing.

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How to do social media marketing?

In order to do social media marketing, first of all you need to have a good knowledge of online marketing, now it remains to be seen whether you want to market your blog or promote your products, if you want to promote the blog. Be sure to add a social media share button to your blog first so that other people can share your posts on your social account.

For example, if a visitor likes your post and wants to promote it on their social media account, they can easily share your post by clicking on the social share button, so that you as well as other people can SMM your blog. In addition, you will continue to share your blog on social media.

If you want to market your products, first create related pages of your product, then market your product content, that is, design a good image of your product or create a video. Now put it on your page first. Load and then join some groups related to this product and you have uploaded your product image or video on your page and keep sharing them in groups.

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How To Increase Blog Traffic From Social Sites

When we publish a blog post. So it is very important for us to share the post on social sites like Facebook, Twitter in order to get visitors to our blog. Because if you share your blog post on social site, traffic to your blog will increase.

And you know how important a visitor is to a blog. Because if you always want to run your blog site and make money from your blog. So you should always think about increasing the number of visitors.

There are a few things you need to do regularly to get visitors to your blog from the social site. I will explain this in a few points below. Which will help you increase the traffic to the blog from social media sites.

Blog Post title

Before publishing a post on a social site, you must check the title of your post once. Because the first title of the post. Always select the right, unique, and attractive title for your blog post.And actionable titles get more clicks in social sites. So no matter what title you put in the post, make it better in social sharing.

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Use quality Images

Image is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a blog from a social site. Because people on social media sites see the image first. Most visitors click on a blog post only after seeing the end image.
Whenever you share a blog post on a social site, add a high quality image to it. This will help you to increase the number of visitors to your blog.

And each social site's post-sharing image size is different. So before you share a post on Facebook or Twitter, check its image size. And create a separate image for each social site on an image creator tool.

Highlight keywords

You know how important keywords are in a blog post. With the help of keywords you can increase your blog traffic. So whenever you share your blog post on a social site, highlight the focus Keywords.

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Ask questions

This is a great process to increase the traffic of the blog from the social site. Because you may have noticed that people on social sites prefer to ask questions and answer any question. So you can also increase the number of visitors by adding questions to your post.To do this, add 1-5 questions about the topic you are posting in the heading of the post. Users who do not know the answer to these questions. He will definitely want to read your post. And they will also visit your blog.

Post Sharing Time

There are many bloggers who publish your post on the blog as well as share it on the social site. And think his work is finished.Which is not true at all. If you want visitors to your blog from social sites, you should always keep in mind that at what time will you get more visitors to your blog by sharing the post? And when more visitors stay online on a social site. I think if you share your post on social media between 6pm and 11pm, you will easily get more visitors, because most people are online in the evening time.

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Share by Changing the Image

Do not share the same post over and over again. And create another topic related topic and then share it.This will get you even more clicks for your blog post.

Regularly share your content to get traffic to the blog from social media sites and follow all the tips mentioned above.

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