10 Best and Free SEO Tools to Rank Up in Google. 2020

To rank any website or blog or bring it to the first page in search engine, you have to do good SEO (search engine optimization), for this you need some of the best tools that new bloggers don't know.

In this article I will tell you about free SEO tools that will help you a lot in SEO, these SEO tools are absolutely free, you can easily use them for self or your client's website / blog or You can optimize the blog post and eliminate the error in the blog.

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10 Free SEO tools for Blog/Website

1.Google Keywords Planner Tool:

This is a tool in Google AdWords that allows us to do keywords research. It is primarily designed for the advertiser but anyone can use it to get ideas.

If you search for any keyword in it, it will tell you how many monthly searches are on that keyword, what the competition is (high, medium, low), and the minimum and maximum CPC given by the advertiser. How much more, I will match your keywords and show a lot of keyboards you can choose from.

If you want your post to rank quickly, always choose a keyword that has less competition, because your post will rank faster on it.

2.Page Speed ​​insight:

You can find out if your website page speed is slow or fast with this tool. There are many more tools for this but most of them are fake. This tool belongs to Google and this is what gives you better results.

Page speed is very important in SEO. If the page speed of your blog is slow then your blog will never develop because when a user visits your site and it takes a long time for your page to load, the user leaves your site. Someone else will open it. This will increase your bounce rate and lower the ranking of your blog. If the page loading speed of your blog is slow then it is necessary to increase it.

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3.Google Analytics:

The Google Analytics tool is very important in SEO, it provides information on everything from live traffic to the website to On to all traffic. How much is the daily traffic and which country or city is receiving, which operating system and which devices are receiving more traffic and what is the bounce rate etc. This is a very advanced tool in which complete information of blog traffic can be seen.

4.Mobile friendly Test tool:

With this tool you can find out if your site is mobile friendly or not. Nowadays many people also use internet on mobile so your site should be responsive so that it looks right in mobile device.Be sure to use this tool to make your website responsive.

First you goto Google and Search for MOBILE FRIENDLY TEST TOOLS open website enter the link of your website here and click on run test. After a while you will see the result.


With the help of this tool you can check if there is any issue of duplicate content in your blog or if there is no error in your blog, all this will tell you in terms of percentage how much is unique content, common and duplicate. how much is.

Sometimes it happens that even if you don't copy the content from somewhere but write 100% of your unique content, then there are still duplicate content issues because either the link is generated in your site or on one of your topics. Wrote more than one post.

First you scan your website in the tool. If there are any errors etc., remove them and see if there is too much duplicate content in the site. If there is, then check which post it is in and why. When you get the answer as to why, you can easily fix it.

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This is a great tool to look at organic search, backlinks, keywords, ranking and display advertising of your or your competitor's website. There are many more working features available but some features are paid.


If the traffic to the website suddenly drops, it could mean that the site has been attacked by Google's Algorithm Penguin or Panda. , This tool connects with Google Analytics.

8.Dead link checker:

With this tool you can check Broken, Broken links are not good for SEO because every time a user opens a link, 404 not found error occurs, if your blog has broken links, repair them or remove them. Otherwise the ranking of your blog will go down.
Link: www.deadlinkchecker.com

9.Words Counter:

This is basically to count the word, the best thing about it is that it also tells about the word density, how many% and how many times your keyword is used in the article. Before posting an article, you can check your word and keyword density by pasting your article in it.
Link: www.wordcounter.net

10.Small SEO tools:

Of all the tools, I like this website the most because it has a lot of free save tools available at the same time and some of its categories have been created.

• Text Content Tools
• Images Editing Tools
• Keywords Tools
• BackLink Tools
• Website Management Tools
• Website Tracking Tools
• Domains Tools

All of these tools are available at www.smallseotools.com

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I hope you like this article and these free SEO tools will be very useful for you, if you like it, be sure to share and if you have any problem anywhere, you can ask in the comments. Thanks


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