15 Best and Free ways to Increase your Website or Blog Traffic. 2020

15 Best and Free ways to Increase your Website or Blog Traffic

Traffic is important for every website owner, blogger. If you are one of them, you will know that we do anythings to increase the traffic of our blog. Comment on social networks, friends and other blogs. This means that 50% of our time is wasted on increasing blog traffic. In this post we will learn about some important ways to drive blog traffic. Whose help can increase the traffic of the blog 100%.

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15 Great ways to Increase Blog Traffic

In this post we will talk about ways that new bloggers hardly know about. These tips can also be helpful for Old Blogger. If you want to hear from me in one word how to drive blog traffic, my answer would be "social networking" because there are so many people on social media who are limited to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp only.
So let's talk further. Let's talk about the 50 best ways to increase blog traffic.

1. Post quality

The post should be such that the audience thinks you are a good ideal. The audience wants to follow in your steps. Users think you are better, different from people. Visitors began to like you. To do this, type the post as if you were talking to an audience face to face.

2.Search engines

Google is the most popular search engine. About 90% of people search on Google. If you succeed in submitting a site from Google search engine then Google alone will give you 40% traffic.Submit the site to Google, Bang, Yahoo, Ask and other search engines.

3.Guest Post

Guest posting is a great way to increase blog traffic, it gives you backlinks and at the same time it will increase your recognition from people. You can post a guest post about your site on a Success Blogger blog. This is a very good idea. Which has the opportunity to climb straight together.

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4.Comment on another blogs

Commenting is a free way to get backlinks. If you make a good comment on another blog, this site will definitely get your backlinks.

5.Write related posts

In 10-20 days, share a post that has a list of posts on a single subject, such as when you post on blogging, share a list of posts related to blogging in one page. This will make it easier for new bloggers to search all the posts on your site in one place.

6.List post

Share "Top 5" "Top 10" "Top 20" post list post. That is, make a list of weekly, monthly, yearly posts of your blog and share it so that your visitor gets all the information in one place. This is one of the best ways to visiter reach your blog's old posts.

7.Post the link

When writing a new post, add a related link in the post. Audience can also read other posts on your site. The user opens the post thinking that there may be another post of my work in it. Every successful blogger follows these tips.

8.Traffic Tips

It doesn't matter what you post on any topic, "How to increase blog traffic" is the question most searched by new bloggers. So share a post on your blog about increasing blog traffic.

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9.Start Email Services

The best way to re-invite an old visitor to the site is through email marketing so that your new post notification reaches the old users. And they come to your site again.

10.Create blog page

Create a page on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter under the name of the blog and share the new post on it. People who are active on social media can come to your site. At the same time, they will continue to receive information about your new post through the page.

11.Create video

Make a video telling the details of the blog post and add it to the blog post. The video's audience can follow you.

12.Social share button in post

Add a social share button at the bottom of each blog post. This will allow the visitor to like your post so they can share the post. This track is very important. If you ignore this you will forget about 20% of the visitors coming from social media.

13.Add image in post

Media helps increase blog traffic by 40%. Make sure to add 1-2 images in each blog post. Search engines support images even more than post. When adding photos to the post, the name and description of the photo must be added. What is the image of the search engine can understand.

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14.Question-Answer Forum

Create a Q&A forum on your blog. From which the visitor can ask you direct questions. This will bring visitors back to your site. And let others know that they can find help on your site.

15.Advice Other Blogger

Get advice from other bloggers about your blog, what your blog is like and how to write your post. Whatever advice they give you. Think about it and change what you like.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any problem anywhere you can ask in the comments. And be sure to share this article with your friends on social media. Thanks

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